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Why I’m here

Posted on September 9th, 2018 in Men Confessions

I am a pornography addict, and I am desperately looking for help.
For the longest time, I tried to go it alone and quit without taking any major steps to actually quit, but that didn’t work. I went through 7 1/2 years of this until I met my gf. Just prior to meeting her, I had stayed ‘sober’ (if you will) for about a week and a half (which was impressive, considering what I was like). Very early in our relationship, I told her about my past, and for some reason, she decided to stay with me. I continued to remain sober until about a month into our relationship, when I found my dad’s pornography stash. I initially deleted it, and was going to confront him about it (he was away on a week-long trip at the time), but old thoughts came into my mind. I had a relapse, but this time, I tried to condition myself with physical pain. About 4 days after this, I came clean to my gf. She still stayed with me, and encouraged me to stop injuring myself. After this, I was sober for about 3 weeks, but then I had another relapse, and I had to come clean again. This cycle has been repeating itself, but now with shorter intervals, and now I’m an addict again.


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