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Ruined my life

Posted on December 14th, 2017 in Men Confessions

I was exposed to pornography when I was very young. I was also sexually abused by babysitters, when I was 4 and by a cousin in high school. I suspect that they were porn addicts as well. My whole life I have had a skewed and perverted view of sexuality. The ONLY way to lasting freedom is absolute transparency. You have to find someone and confess, and be held accountable. I am a government employee and my wife is a doctor, addiction can happen to anyone. We are sinfully fallen, and our culture is under attack by Satanic influences, so the war is real. Please pray for me brothers as I pray for you. I ask your forgiveness as a brother in Christ that I have failed God and the church. I do have hope in Christ, he never fails and does not forsake us. Love you men.


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