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I lied that I’m not married to sleep with other women

Posted on April 2nd, 2018 in Men Confessions

I have been married and served in a ministry for in my local. I am a husband and a father., I spent all my marriage having an affair without my wife knowing. I have a wondering eye and deliberately look for other women when I am out in about alone. I ll meet other women and will tell them I’m not married and will have sex with them constantly and some of them for years without even my wife knowing it. I have been sleeping with this woman and giving her false promises that I will marry her but she doesn’t know that I’m already married. Also, I don’t want to tell her that I am married because she will be hurt and shocked to find out about this because we love each other.. I have been struggling with this habitual adultery and I do not want this life style anymore. I want to be free. Additionally I feel like at ease and peace with my wife when I sleep around almost like a demonic spirit needs to be fed outside of my marriage to be happy.Specially when I look at porn, I want to do all these things that I just watched. I am not addicted to porn but every once in a while a 5 seconds turns to one hour and one hour turns to calling some women for sexual adultery. I love my wife but this struggle is serious. I need prayers. Every night I pray that one day I will be delivered from this. It will be hard for me to confess this to my wife, she will be devasted. There are also other women that I recently slept with the same week and they didn’t know I was married but one thing that it is important for me is that I practice safe sex. Please please please pray for me!!!!


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