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I’ve become casual about it and have relapsed

Posted on December 21st, 2017 in Men Confessions

Hi everyone,

I have always struggled a bit with the issue of porn and have become quite casual about it lately. It is frustrating, particularly after I had a ‘clean’ period for about 2 years after some people prayed for me to be freed of the issue. Back then, I simply said no to the temptation! Now, I am back struggling again!

Could you please pray for me?

Also, I would like to share a few things that I think can help with the issue of porn.

Often our focuses and where we put our energy need to be re-balanced and this is something that God’s healing touch I think helps with.
Sometimes, we have had over-emphasis in one particular area that needs to reduce in importance while another area increases.
Escaping to porn could be the result of burdens that were placed on us as children or growing up and that lead to unnecessary stress or demands that we reinforce on ourselves.
Doing something big to counteract the temptation can help. Even shouting out (yes, I believe we can do that!) our concerns, pains, deepest fears whilst we feel tempted to a God who is much bigger than all this, can help!
Or other things, like getting out of the house and going and doing something ‘big’ like doing to the gym or going round to a friends’ house.
Even eating or resting can counteract the need! I’m not saying binge eating is good but I think it’s much better to have a food feast than go to a place where we then feel guilty, ashamed and dirty!

Thanks for reading!

Let’s not give up!


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