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Posted on April 2nd, 2019 in Men Confessions

For a long time I thought I’d beaten my porn addiction. It started when I was a teen, but as a married man i hadn’t been tempted for years. Then it struck with a vengeance. I have accountability software set up on my phone and computer, but I know how to trick the system and look at things I shouldn’t. Instagram is my go-to, because it doesn’t flag the software, but has plenty of hardcore porn if you know where to look. My friend who was keeping me accountable just had a baby, so he’s too busy to check his email these days. I download Instagram every day, looks at the filth, then delete the app. I feel helpless to stop. I have a beautiful wife and baby daughter, a great life. I’m ashamed of myself, but still can’t stop. I need an accountability partner.


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