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The cracks reveal the character…

Posted on January 22nd, 2019 in Men Confessions

I have stumbled again in the area of lust, porn, & masturbation a few times this past week. Along with that has been secrecy, finding out loopholes on my phone to get access, and I haven’t connected with any brothers about this struggle. I feel frustration, shame, and know that this addiction is strong and I need the strength of Godly men to break free. So, this is an attempt to bring it to light, and also step towards freedom. I’ve closed the door to access to unfiltered internet, but also know I must choose to reach out to someone daily to talk & or pray. I recognize that there’s more stress in my life, but also that this behavior is deeply entrenched in my mind, body, etc. Choosing today to receive forgiveness and praying against shame & temptation. Thank you for prayers and listening. -Grace & Peace


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