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Get insight, advice, and encouragement from our community of writers on the topics of porn addiction and sexual integrity.

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Porn addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome, but it is possible. Whether you are man struggling with sex addiction, a woman dealing with porn addiction, or a spouse who is just looking to have a better marriage and a great sex life, we can help.

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We have spent years creating the best collection of resources to help people find freedom and restoration in their lives.

Whether you struggle with pornography, love someone who does, or want to keep your home and phone free from porn, we have a resource that is perfect for you.

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We are that “church” for anyone and everyone seeking healing and freedom. A safe restorative community that stands ready to to help all those seeking it. That space where all conversations are welcome and nothing is off the table. You are welcomed here.



Porn Addiction Confessions and Stories


So Weary

My husband and I have been married 12.5 years. He's been unfaithful repeatedly for 12 years. I've shown grace, forgiveness, but am wondering when enough is enough? Am I …
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I feel unloved when I am not sexually active. My husband is withholding himself because he doesn't feel connected to me emotionally. I have always been addicted to orgasm, …
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Unable to repent

Over two decades of lying to hide my addictions, the hundreds of men I used to afford my addictions that caused my divorce, my multiple suicide attempts, my acohol, …
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Dating Sites

My husband hasn't just been messing with on-line porn but going to dating sites. For me, it changes things from "fantasy" into reality. I poured into him, was faithful …
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Confession is the crucial first step to recovery. You can't move past your sexual addiction until you admit you have one. Sometimes we refer to confession as accountability. Let's start the process of healing today and join thousands of others by submitting a confession.

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