Porn Addiction Confessions and Stories


This needs to end

I've been struggling with porn and masturbation since the age of 12. I've proceeded with life like it didn't exist. I've gone to school, got married, even had kids. …
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Too Long

Addiction to porn is something I have struggled with since I was 12 years old. For too long, I've let my life be dictated by my desire to view …
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I’m done!

I have been wrestling with the confession about porn but this is my next step to freedom. I haven't looked at porn in a while but I felt I …
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Man I'm about to busted my mind has going crazy can't sleep wondering will someone find out! Wondering should I step down my mind is racing all bc of …
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Confession is the crucial first step to recovery. You can't move past your sexual addiction until you admit you have one. Sometimes we refer to confession as accountability. Let's start the process of healing today and join thousands of others by submitting a confession.

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